Leichtwerk AG develops technologies for lightweight structures. The company excels in aircraft design and expands this competence also into applications for the transportation industry and to support research facilities.

Subsidiary Companies

Leichtwerk Research GmbH

Cutting egde design needs access to research. Leichtwerk AG founded the Spin-off company Leichtwerk Research GmbH in 2018 to feed the mature aircraft design processes with new technology.



Aquired in 2018 by Leichtwerk AG, the SFL GmbH extends the company abilities (even) further.


HistoryEstablishment, development of eta

Leichtwerk AG, as it exists today, has its origins in the freelance career of Dr. Reiner Kickert. At the beginning of 1996, the Bürogemeinschaft Flugtechnik & Leichtbau (aeronautics and lightweight construction associates) was founded on the premises of the former Tannenberg Barracks at Braunschweig Airport. In the rooms shared with Hans-Ludwig Meyer, former head of the aeronautics division at DLR Braunschweig, Dr. Kickert devoted himself to the development of the world's largest glider, "eta".


Research AirportBraunschweig

Braunschweig Research Airport provides the ideal environment for Leichtwerk AG's scientific and technical work.